Consistency is key to improving speed

Sprint training for little athletics

Consistency is an absolute must in sprint training.

Whether you are training for sprint events, for speed for other sports or looking to tone up and lose body fat you must train regularly.

We often get an influx of young athletes to the squad just after school sports athletics carnival. They are excited that they have made it through to zone, and parents bring their kids along to start training.

This of course is great, but parents and athletes need to understand that it takes time to improve speed and fitness – speed is not something that just “happens” because you attend 3 training sessions in a month.


While you may see some small time improvements initially due to correcting running techniques, the big gains take time to develop.

We recommend 3 sessions per week and results may take 8-10 weeks to be seen.

To improve your speed you really need to be in it for the “long haul” and put in 100% at each and every training session.


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